The following articles and documents by DaSilva & Hilowitz LLP attorneys may be helpful when situations arise where our firm may be of assistance to you. They are offered with our compliments. For more information on any of the topics presented here, please Contact DaSilva & Hilowitz LLP.

Family Advocate Fall 2015: Will Primer (PDF)

An article from the Fall 2015 issue of the American Bar Association’s Family Advocate magazine, by Lynne Hilowitz, that gives a comprehensive overview of topics to consider when creating a will.

RCBA NewsBrief April 2015 Article Excerpt (PDF)

In this article by Lynne Hilowitz, the estate planning considerations of choosing whether to live in New York/New Jersey or Florida are discussed.

Estate Planning Manual – 2015 (PDF)

This manual gives a short discussion of estate planning topics, and lists and defines many of the arcane terms and concepts that are often encountered.  Written by Lynne Hilowitz.

Forbes Article December 2011 (PDF)

An article containing a brief overview of the DaSilva & Hilowitz firm, from the December 5, 2011 issue of Forbes.

Estate Planning Basics: PYA – Protecting Your Assets (PDF)

From a 2009 RCBA Continuing Legal Education presentation, this paper by Lynne Hilowitz presents key federal transfer tax concepts and viable estate planning techniques.

Estate Planning Basics for the 50+ Client (PDF)

This paper by Lynne Hilowitz was featured in 2008’s 50+ issue of the American Bar Association’s Family Advocate magazine.  Aimed at Family Law attorneys, it gives an overview of estate planning concepts for older individuals.

The Prenuptial Agreement — for Love or Money (PDF)

Noted matrimonial attorney Willard H. DaSilva reviews some important considerations for anyone considering the need for a prenuptial agreement, in easy-to-understand terms.

Statement of Net Worth (PDF)

This blank form needs to be completed, notarized, and filed with the court in New York divorce proceedings.  Your attorney will help you with this process.

Estate Planning After Divorce (PDF)

Lynne Hilowitz discusses the necessity of review of your estate plans during and after a divorce.  A guide to the many complex terms and concepts of estate planning is included.

Family Advocate Article from 2008: The 50+ Divorce (PDF)

An article by Lynne Hilowitz from the American Bar Association’s Family Advocate magazine discusses some of the important things to consider when undergoing a divorce. There is a focus on estate planning and related financial topics.

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